BoardBox Update!

Rebekah Fig + Goat

Hello, Fig + Goat Friends! 

I am excited today to share with you photos of what will be arriving on your FRONT PORCH starting Monday, November 5th!  As you know, Fig + Goat loves to provide you with high-quality, delicious foods for you at-home gatherings, parties and events.  Read more about our food quality and it's importance to us HERE, incase you missed the last blog post.  

If you haven't taken advance of the BoardBox sale, check it out HERE.  Depending on the duration you choose for your membership.  Each month a carefully, curated box of unique meats + cheeses will be delivered to your door.  One of the things I'm super excited about in the November Box is the Carmel, Bacon, and Cheddar Popcorn!  This is just an an example of how unique our items are that we pair in our boxes.  The orange and brown color of the popcorn exudes the essence of Fall and will look beautiful in a cute little bowl to accompany on your cheese board.  The sharp bite of the cheddar and the smokey flavor of the bacon in the popcorn is a delicious addition to the other cheeses and slow-cured meats that will be in your box.

I hope every month you find find an unexpected, pleasant surprise when you open your BoardBox and say "Wow, I wouldn't think to pair that on a cheese board, but it was DELICIOUS and AMAZING and that was so FUN to put together!"  ;) 

All for now, Happy Gathering! 

xo, Bekah 



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