NEW Fig + Goat Themed Boards!

Rebekah Fig + Goat

Hello all!  Hope everyone is having a great week!  Exciting news to share with our Fig + Goaties today! 

If you've been on the website today to place a board order, you probably noticed it looks slightly different. Starting today when you place your board orders, you'll first get to decide which flavor board you would like!  Then as usual, select your board size and choose your delivery date. 

Fig + Goat Gathering Boards | Dallas

If you are feeling very California cool and dream of eating cheese in the sun while staring out at the Pacific ocean.  Well, then pour yourself a nice Rose and order the California Board, delivered right to your door!  

If you love all things Texas and couldn't imagine eating something not made from our great state, then you'll want to schedule The Texas Board to be delivered right to your door! 

If you prefer a lighter sheep's milk cheese or dream of brie and baguettes, then you'll want to open a nice bright and juicy red and schedule The European Board to be delivered right to your door!  Ran out of fancy French wine and need a bottle delivered with your next board order?  No problem, order your wine first and I'll pick it up for you and deliver it with your board.  More info HERE.  

If you've been a Fig + Goatie Groupie from the beginning (we appreciate you!)  Then you know you'll want The Fig + Goat Original Board delivered right to your door, for that delicious spread that you know you love!  

Don't forget about our new Crudite Board that is served with the best pimento cheese we've ever tasted!  This pimento cheese is from one of our favorite farms - Sweet Grass Dairy from Georgia.  Made from their famous Thomasville Tomme, Duke's Mayo, and Pequillo Peppers from Spain.  This classic southern side dish is the perfect accompaniment to our Farm Fresh Crudite Board.  

I hope ya'll love this new change!  Just another way to provide ya'll with fine foods and keep it fun!  See you at your next delivery!  

Also, another board announcement will come next week!  What do you think it is?  Take a guess in the comments!  :) 

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