Medium Gathering Board (serves 10-14)

Fig + Goat

Medium gathering board serves 10-14 people.  

*All boards are seasonal and come with fresh, hand-selected food from small batch makers and comes with a pairings menu, so you know exactly what to put with that caveman blue cheese for one delicious bite* 

Each medium board features:

4 cheeses, 3 meats, jelly, honey comb, dried apple crackers, an assortment of nuts, fresh fruit, herbs & flowers and More!

We are now proudly serving the following on our FALL / WINTER Gathering Boards:

- Devil's Gulch, Double Cream Brie (California)

- 5 Year Cheddar (Wisconsin)

- Caveman Blue (Oregon)

- Artequeso Manchego (Spain)

- Loukanika, Greek-Style Salami (Washington)

- Smoked Prosciutto (Iowa)

- Salamentto Piccante (California) 

- Honeycomb (Texas)

- Jenkins Jellies, Fiery Figs (California)

{Due to popular demand, our customers now have the option of keeping the serving board! Just choose "keep the board" from the option below.  Our boards are custom made and come in 3 different sizes to fit gatherings from big to small.  

If you feel the need to pass on purchasing the board at this time, no problem.  Just choose "return the board" from the option below.  Wipe the board with a damp towel, place back in the box and place the box on your porch.  It will be picked up from your porch the next day}

Thanksgiving Special:  FREE local delivery (normally a $14 charge added to checkout)


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