DIY Box Kits


Something new and exciting from Fig + Goat.  Fig + Goat has is, and has always been, focused on delivering you fine charcuterie foods right to your door!  Now, since we all have extended weeks of Spring Break and are needing more at-home activities - Fig + Goat is excited to announce DIY Box Kits (as always - Delivered right to your door!)  

A Fig + Goat DIY Box Kit includes an assortment of foods including, a package of nuts, local honey, crackers, a packaged of sliced salami and a vacuum sealed package of cheese... everything in its' original package.  Plus a DIY Illustration map to walk you through steps on creating the perfect Fig + Goat Board.  All you have to add to your DIY Board is whatever fresh fruit / veggies you have on hand:  grapes, apples, oranges, berries, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, etc..  Everyone has some sort of platter at home you can use as the surface for your board - be creative, this is fun! 

Everything you would expect on a normal hand-delivered Fig + Goat Gathering Board.  

This DIY Kit hopes to serve purposes such as:  

1. Serving as a fun thing to cure boredom!!!  

2. It’s still delivered to you and left on your porch so you don’t have to get out!

3. All foods come in their original packaging... safety first!!

Let's see your creations!  Use #myfigandgoatboard to share off your skills!  


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