Cocktail Hour


Fig + Goat can create an awesome set up for wedding cocktail hours and hospitality events.  What is your theme?  Let's we can work together to create something custom!

The starting price for custom creations are: 

$23 / person for 0-75 people

$21 / person for 75-150 people

$19 / person for 150 people and up

Delivery fee average / $150

Price includes:

  • pre-arranged charcuterie boards, breads + crackers, pimento cheese + veggies, mini proscuitto + cheese roll-ups, savory olives, sweet honey and jams and more!  
  • Floral and greenery to design into the set-up and make everything look lush and beautiful
  • Option to include stands / crates into your display to elevate your look 


    For Weddings:  Fig + Goat only provides grazing options for Wedding Cocktail Hours.  Set-up would be for 1 Hour - usually when the bar opens and cocktail hour begins.  A great way to start off the reception night and get your guest mingling! 

    All other set-ups are drop & go.  Fig + Goat will set up and design the space.  All set-ups are made on disposable trays/boards, making clean up super easy (if there is any food left!)  Set-ups are meant to be left out for 3 hours.

    Check out our new Party Builder page to create your own Fig + Goat Bundle!