Lakewood Beer: A perfect pairing with Fig + Goat!

Rebekah Fig + Goat

What's better than sitting outside in these cool, fall temps, cuddled around a fire with friends & family.... I can't think of much! 

When you're around that fire, laughing and enjoying your Fig + Goat Board, you'll need some Beer from Lakewood Brewing Co. to make your evening even more great!  

Thanks to the help with our Lakewood friends, we've come up with some outstanding pairing recommendations for you.  Prepare to be amazed!  

The Temptress from Lakewood Brewing Co. is curvy in all the right places, this Imperial Milk Stout pours with a thick, milk chocolate head.  Chocolate and caramel malt give it a rich and complex body while the lower carbonation gives the beer a a silky mouth feel.  She's voluptuous, with a soft alcohol warmth that grows deeper with every sip.  Take your time with her and she'll reward you.  We think this beer is wonderful for the upcoming Holiday Season! 

The Temptress pairs well with:  Bleu, Aged Cheddar, Roasted Nuts, Smoked Meats, Dark Chocolate and Sin.  

The Lakewood IPA packs a wallop of flavor and aroma.  Rather than brew a bitter bomb, the Lakewood IPA is a balanced American India Pale Ale that bursts with tropical flavors like grapefruit, papaya and tangerine from a blend of Mosaic, Citra, Mandarina Bavaria and Bravo Hops.  This everyday IPA is bold without being brash.  

Pairs with:  Sharp Cheddar, Goat Cheeses, Fatty Meats, Jams - like the truly delicious Sassy Apple & Fig Jam from the Jelly Queens (pictured in photo!) and Adoration. 

We really think you'll enjoy pairing our Fig + Goat Boards with the delicious flavors from Lakewood Brewing Co.  A perfect pairing for this Holiday Season!  

Lakewood Brewing Co. is located in Dallas and has a great taproom & beer garden that is available for special events and celebrations!  You can also have your Fig + Goat Board delivered right to Lakewood for your special event or any night when your gathering your friends around and relaxing in the Beer Garden - with Beer in hand and your Fig + Goat Board in arms reach :) 


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