Fig + Goat Board Boxes & Charcuterie Boards Free You From Factory Farming, Antibiotics and GMO’s – For Good

Rebekah Fig + Goat

Today I wanted to go into more detail on how and what we source for our boards.  Providing high-quality and delicious food is very important to me for my family, and we take the same care when we are creating your beautiful charcuterie boards for your parties, weddings, showers, events and other gatherings!  

Our Meats:

Quality matters.

It starts on the farm.

We source our meats from makers who partner with small family farms who practice natural and humane techniques which include: 

  • No factory farms
  • No use of antibiotics
  • No GMO’s
  • No unethical practices
  • Only vegetarian diets

These farms do not use gestation pens but rather provide space for the animals to live naturally and move around which shows respect for the animals’ social instincts and natural behaviors.  These makers use old-fashioned techniques and traditions that have been passed down for generations.  Only quality ingredients are used in their products and it’s noticed in the taste and presentation of these hand-crafted meats. 

Our Cheeses:

One of the main goals of the Creamery’s, where we source our cheeses, is to just make Wonderful Organic Cheese!  By using certified organic milk and fine ingredients such as native grass and cool ocean air as the base of their cheese making techniques, these makers create seasonal cheeses that are flavorful and delicious.  

It’s not a surprise that we source cheese from makers who have won numerous awards and accolades!  These farmers just let their cows be cows, roam freely and eat grass, the way nature intended. Our cheesemakers are not just producing cheese, they are following their purpose and are dedicated to producing the highest-quality, and most delicious cheeses. They truly love making people happy.

 I feel that not only providing you with a beautiful board, but a board where you can taste the quality of the food is what makes Fig + Goat different than every other meat and cheese tray. Thank you for appreciating the food like we do!  We’re looking forward to delivering a Fig + Goat Board to your door soon!  :) 

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Rebekah Relander



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